Heat Pump Installation

Griffiths are proud to present one of our completed local projects.

Undertaking full design and installation of an air source heat pump, under floor/radiator based central heating and a whole house heat recovery ventilation system.


Griffiths were approached by customer building a tasteful six bedroom property in the style of a Victoria Town House.

The brief 

To provide a heating system which shall deliver the greatest heating efficiency, whilst permitting the property to be built with period characteristics.

The Solution

  • The installation of a low temperature, Daikin Altherma, air source heat pump with accompanying hot water cylinder.
  • A central heating system comprising of Polypipe 'solid' under floor heating to the ground floor and low temperature radiators to the first and second floors.
  • Installation of  a whole house heat recovery ventilation system.


Griffiths undertook full heat loss calculations to the property (using drawings prior to the build) to determine that the house shall require 7.2 kilowatts of heating during low ambient conditions, with a seasonal heating demand of 18,293 kilowatt hours.

A 14 kilowatt Daikin altherma was selected to fully heat the property, with an accompanying 300 litre Daikin heat pump cylinder to provide hot water for the two bathrooms and en-suites.

The central heating system was purposefully designed to meet the property's heat demand whilst returning the greatest efficiency from the heat pump system.

A Polypipe, 'Solid' in-screed, under floor heating system was specified with upgraded 18mm pipe installed at 100mm spacings to heat the ground floor. With a design flow temperature of 40°C the under floor can provide upto 60watts/m² heat output, whilst returning a seasonal co-efficient of performance of 3.7 (or 370% efficiency) from the heat pump system. Kartell double panel radiators and towel rails (sized to the heat pump's flow temperature) were selected to heat the first and second floors.

To improve the efficiency of the home further, Griffiths installed a Polypipe HRX2 whole house heat recovery ventilation system ('M.V.H.R.').

The ventilation system is designed to recover uptown 95% of the heat energy from extracted air in 'wet' rooms (i.e.. kitchens, bathrooms & en-suites), whilst supplying 'pre-heated' fresh air to habitable rooms (i.e.. living, dining & bedrooms) in the home. Our recommended M.V.H.R system also benefits from having integral filters to assist in reducing pollen and other contaminates into air within the home, whilst a 'summer bypass' of the heat exchanger provides an element of free-cooling during the summer months.

The Result

Griffiths estimate the annual heating bill for the property to be £645, a saving of £159 compared to heating the property by mains gas (estimated at £804 per year). The air source heat pump system shall reduce the property's carbon emissions by 2.3 tonnes per year.

As Griffiths are a Daikin D1+ accredited installer, we can offer an extended seven year parts and labour warranty on our installations.

To find out how Griffiths can bring the latest energy efficiency measure to your new build project, contact us by Telephone on 01536 420666, via the Website using our 'contact us' form or by visiting their Energy Efficiency Centre showroom at 111 High Street in Burton Latimer between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.