Air conditioning systems not only offer one of the best ways to control the temperature of an environment, but also provide it in a highly energy efficient manner!

In the summer months the units operate to ‘comfort cool’ rooms, during the winter the system is ‘reversed’ to provide heating (acting as an environmentally friendly air source heat pump).

Griffiths are accredited D1+ installers of Daikin’s range of air conditioning systems, which offer a wide range of solutions for both commercial and leisure applications. Our D1+ accreditation allow Griffiths to offer an extended 7 year parts and labour warranty on all installations (Provided the equipment is regularly serviced - Please see our servicing page for further information).

With Erp energy ratings of ‘A++’ we’re confident in offering the most energy efficient solution to meet your needs.

Installation of commercial Daikin VRV systems.A Daikin 'Ducted' air conditioning system providing heat/cooling to a village hallInstallation of Daikin's air conditioning condenser units.Ceiling cassette units, perfect for the office enviroment

Commercial Air Conditioning

We believe one of the largest contributors to worker productivity is comfort.

Studies have shown that a comfortable controlled environment not only increase the productivity of your workers, but also boosts their morale...Making air conditioning an essential tool for your business!

Our 'A++' rated systems can deliver a comfortable productive environment for your customers and workers without the headache of high energy bills.

Griffiths offer design and installation services for all types of air conditioning and ventilation systems. From small offices to large open areas we can specify a system to fully meet your needs.

Being fully versed on all the latest health and safety requirements and, if required, can provide you with copies of our risk assessments to comply with your health and safety procedures. 


Split Air Conditioning Systems - This is a single stand alone system, comprising of one indoor and outdoor unit. Single split systems are typically used for cooling/heating individual rooms or areas, they provide individual thermostatic control over an environment.

VRV-VRF 'Heat Pump' Air Conditioning Systems - Typically used when multiple rooms require cooling within a building. One larger outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor 'fan coil' units, modulating its output depending on the cooling demand within a building. 

VRV-VRF 'Heat Recovery' Air Conditioning System - To provide simultaneous heating and cooling to rooms within a property. Heat energy recovered from rooms requiring cooling is distributed to rooms requiring heating, maximising the energy efficiency of the building. The systems are also capable (using a heat pump hydrobox) to recover heat energy to pre-heat hot water for an building.

Out of hours installation are available if needed and our preventative maintenance packages ensure initial warranty and ongoing peace of mind.

We are regularly installing and maintaining air conditioning systems in:
Retail outlets, Offices, Public houses, Nightclubs, Schools, Police stations, Medical centres, Computer suites, Domestic properties, Warehousing production areas

Daikin's module VRV condenser unitsInstallation of ducting above a suspended ceilingCeiling cassette units providing heating/cooling for large spacesRoof mounted condenser installations