The perfect low energy solution for cooling large areas.

Roof mounted evaporative cooler with extract fanMultiple evaporative coolers can be used for cooling large areasEvaporative cooler used for cooling an workshopEvaporative coolers remove heat by using the energy to evaporate water

Many modern buildings require cooling either for the comfort of the occupants or to protect the processes or equipment they contain. There are three main typical methods which can be employed to cool buildings; ventilation, evaporative cooling or a refrigeration based air conditioning system.

The choice of system can have a dramatic effect on the total carbon emissions of the building and the energy consumed due to their electrical demands.

Ventilation systems can provide comfort cooling for most of the year, however during prolonged periods of high temperature they are unable to maintain internal temperatures below 25ºC. Refrigeration based air conditioning systems are effective however can expensive to operate. Evaporative cooling, which can produce air temperatures consistently below 22ºC in the UK climate, provides an intermediate solution which consumes only a fraction of the electricity.

How do Evaporative Coolers work?

Evaporative coolers operate by drawing fresh air across a water-saturated pad or filter, the heat energy within the air is absorbed by the water within the pad (causing the heat to evaporate the water) producing a cooling effect. As the only two main moving parts of the system are fans, the system offers considerably lower running costs than a refrigeration system to cool the same area.

Generally the systems can reduce internal room temperatures to 10ºC lower than the outside ambient conditions.

Why Evaporative Coolers?

  • Suitable for cooling large areas (up to 360m² per system)
  • Supplied and installed from under £5,000 + VAT
  • Costs as little as £1 per day to run (including annual servicing)
  • Environmentally friendly (System contains no CFC refrigerants)
  • Filters out airborne contaminants
  • Constant flow of naturally cooled fresh air, extracting heat and contaminants
  • Can be used with roller shutter doors, with windows open
  • Approximately 80% less power consumption than air conditioning 
  • Easy installation and spot cooling capabilities
  • Quiet operation