Get hot water in the home by utilising heat energy from the sun!

Make best use of nature's resources by capturing the sun's heat energy to provide hot water in your home.

Daikins twin coil thermal store.Example of Daikins 'in-roof' solar thermal collectorsFlat plate solar thermal collectors.Daikin bolt on solar thermal heat exchanger.

How do Solar Thermal Systems work?

Solar thermal systems comprise of a roof mounted collector (either 'flat plate' or 'evacuated tube'), a solar pump station, controller and a 'twin coil' hot water cylinder. The system utilises a heat transfer fluid, which collects heat from the solar panel on the roof, releasing the heat energy to a secondary 'coil' within a property's hot water cylinder to heat the stored water. 

The system has two thermistors to determine when heat energy is available in the panel to heat the hot water cylinder.

They work best on a southerly roof elevation, free from shading from adjacent properties or trees.

What do Griffiths offer?

Griffiths offer a no obligation survey and quotation; which a surveyor shall visit a property to determine the feasibility of installing a system. Provide a bespoke system design depending on the property and occupancy requirements, a full clear quotation which estimates the systems benefit to the customer including the amount of government funding the system may attract.

We aim to design the system to provide the maximum energy saving to the customer. This means generally the hot water cylinder is enlarged to allow the maximum amount of heat energy to be collected by the system.

What are the benefits of Solar Thermal Systems?

  • Lower gas/oil/electricity bills
  • Funding from the governments RHI scheme
  • Improvements to a home's energy efficiency rating
  • Value to the property when selling.